Next Generation Automated Cell Culture Device 

Introducing: Achieva-CS

Achieva-CS is one of the revolutionary cost-effective methods for regenerative therapies. Its application can be used in a wide range of productions with bio-compatibility fabrics, exosome, cosmetics, cultured meat and cell inks for bio-3D printers: Achieva-CS makes it easy for all the diverse uses of stem cells.

 It is the world first culture apparatus achieving all-at-once collection from a large number of non-woven fabrics. It adopts an effortless, yet accurate monitoring system for cell growth. Achieva-CS is the ultra-compact culture device for large-scale cell culture that enables you to operate inside safety cabinets, which was once considered as impossible with the existing devices.

In the living body, stem cells exist in that are protected by an extracellular matrix and fibers. Culture using 3D fabrics is a method that provides a good environment for cells similar to those within living tissues. Achieva-CS enables you to recover up to 10⁹ mesenchyimal stem cells in double bottles with non-woven fabrics (USP class VI). Shear stress free, completely detachable single-use consumables in the closed system cell culture and the Wi-Fi remote monitoring system are also available. It is suitable for culturing mesenchymal stem cells including adipose-derived, bone marrow-derived, synovium-derived, amnion-derived, umbilical cord-derived cells and so on.   The temperature and CO₂ controls are all done by itself. No incubator nor humidifier is required, medium replacements and collecting supernatants are also automated once you seed the cells, everything can be controlled by the touch panel and your tablet.

The collectable amount of cell suspensions from fabrics is approx. 600ml in Single Bottle Type and 1,200 ml in Double Bottle Type, thus the cell washing and concentration by commonly-used centrifuges are easily applicable.  The typical markers of Mesenchymal stem cell are well kept and maintained after culturing in Achieva-CS and enables to proliferate later on. It is also apparent that no tumor formation was observed on immunodeficient mice after the cells produced by Achieva-CS were transplanted to.

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FullStem Co. Ltd. is a bio-venture company specializing in high density large-scale stem cell culture technology. We aim to make an inexpensive treatment available even in town clinics and create an environment where regenerative medicine is widely available and more familiar in everywhere in the world.